The dotnet format command and StyleCop.Analyzers

This article shows how to use the dotnet format command to format your source code according to a specific coding style. The article discusses its limitations and how to overcome them by introducing StyleCop.Analyzers. It also mentions the way to apply StyleCop.Analyzers to all projects in a solution.

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Equality Comparison of Floating-Point Numbers in C# (and Others)


You should compare two floating-point numbers for equality in C# as follows:

tolerance must be much larger than double.Epsilon.

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Implementing a System Tray App with WPF and MVVM

This article illustrates the implementation of a system tray application with WPF and the MVVM pattern. The full source code is in the GitHub repository.

The implementation has two distinctive points. First, it does not use notable WPF NotifyIcon because the license, CPOL, isn't compatible with any OSS licenses. Then, the implementation obeys the MVVM pattern and has no code behind.

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Quite Simple Memory Pool in C#

This article shows a quite simple memory pool to make a thread-unsafe library thread-safe without performance degradation in single-threaded programs. Same as the previous article, this article is about DynaJson.

Thread-safety requires overhead to allocate an instance by each invocation to isolate data being altered. Unless thread-safety is required, we can use a static class or a singleton to eliminate any additional allocation.

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[Unity] How to Use Physics.OverlapCapsule

Updated on 2021-09-06: This article was largely revised to take into account the rotation of the attached game object and the direction of the CapsuleCollider.

Capsule and Cube Collider

You can use Physics.OverlapCapsule to get the two Colliders overlapped with the CapsulCollider as above. This method takes the position and the size of a capsule and returns all Colliders overlapped by the capsule.

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