Owner: Kazuhiro Fujieda, Ph.D.

With an extensive background in software engineering research and education, complemented by a rich history as an experienced software engineer, Kazuhiro Fujieda brings invaluable support to the field of agile development with C#. He can provide support for development projects targeting ASP.NET Core, WinForms, and WPF.

Work Experience

  • Freelancer
    • Develop information systems for a major construction company using Azure - October 2022-current
    • Developed dialogue AI with Unity - January 2020-June 2022
    • Developed crypto coin exchange - August 2019-November 2019
  • Volunteer
    • System administrator - October 2008-current
      • Manage a software distribution server ftp.jaist.ac.jp
  • Chamos LLC.
    • Software developer and instructor - April 2009-January 2019
      • Developed information systems for a pharmaceutical company
      • Provided education in software design and development methodologies, including Agile development
  • Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
    • Associate Professor of Information Science - April 2000-March 2001,  July 2003-July 2008
      • Carried out research and education for distributed software development environments
    • Associate Professor of Infomation Center - April 2001-July 2003
      • Directed government procurement of a whole information system of the Institute
      • Directed management of the system
      • Developed an authentication gateway for the Wi-Fi network

Open Source Software

  • DynaJson - December 2019-
    • The world fastest JSON parser for .NET in dynamic typing
  • BurageSnap - October 2015-
    • Screen capture software for Windows
  • XKeymacs - August 2022-
    • Key customization software for Windows
      Took over from the original author.
  • Cygwin - 1999-2002
    • Unix emulation environment on Windows
      Joined as a contributor.


  • Ph.D. Information Science - March 2000
    Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology